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web-panels do not get upgraded after plugin upgrade



      I have a plugin that uses web panels (a vm file) in the Edit Dialog. When I upgrade the plugin, the old version of the template include in the panel is included/rendered

      The only way I have managed to get the new version of the template to get included/rendered is restarting the server. I've attached a couple of plugins to reproduce.

      This is how the panel is defined:

      <web-panel key="brokenPanel" location="atl.editor" name="Broken panel in edit window">
          <resource name="view" type="velocity" location="templates/panel.vm"/>

      Steps to Reproduce

      • Install Plugin version 1.0
      • Go to any page, and edit it, you'll get an alert message, showing "Version 1.0", which is defined in the panel.vm file.
      • Install Plugin version 2.0 (the panel.vm file has been updated to include "Version 2.0")
      • Go to any page, and edit it, the alert message will still show "Version 1.0".
      • Restart server
      • Go to any page, and edit it, the alert message will finally show "Version 2.0".


        1. brokenpanels-1.0.jar
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        2. brokenpanels-2.0.jar
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        3. brokenpanels-src.zip
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