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Ability for users to copy and paste tables and multiple rows and cells



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Prior to Confluence 4.0, users could cut/copy/paste multiple table rows in Confluence using wiki markup. In 4.0, users can only do this for one row at a time.

      This improvement will permit:

      • copying and pasting tables between different pages in Confluence
      • copying and pasting row / cell / whole tables from pages outside of Confluence
      • and of course copy and pasting row / cell / whole tables within a page

      This improvement will permit users to use the mouse to select the desired cells / rows or even a whole table and then copy and paste using CTRL + V.

      The following scenarios are now possible:

      1. Copy and pasting adjacent cells within a row. Pasting will overwrite cells from where the cursor is
      2. Copy and pasting multiple table rows
      3. Copy and pasting whole tables
      4. Automatic adjustment of the size of the target table should the clipboard contents be too large

      This improvement also makes it easier to select whole tables "completely" with some adjustments been made to selection code.


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