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Important changes to the weekly Cloud Release Notes email



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      We’re making updates to confluence.atlassian.com that will impact your weekly Cloud Release Notes email. 

      At Atlassian, we keep your security top-of-mind. As part of improvements to increase customer security and privacy, we’re making some changes to our documentation website confluence.atlassian.com that will impact your ability to log in, watch pages, and will change how you receive the Cloud Release Notes email.

      Cloud Release Notes page on our documentation site:

      What’s changing

      From February 15, 2023 you won’t be able to log in to confluence.atlassian.com, watch pages, or be notified about pages you’re watching.

      We’re also changing Cloud Release Notes so they are handled the same as other communications you may choose to receive from Atlassian. It will also get a new email subject line: Cloud Release Notes <start date> to <end date>

      What you need to do

      You’ll need to update your email preferences to keep getting Cloud Release Notes. To update preferences:

      1. Go to your Email and Privacy Preferences.
      2. Check the box for Cloud Release Notes. You can add other subscriptions too!


      Screenshot of Email and Privacy Preferences page with Release Notes highlighted: 

      How this change affects Data Center release notes

      If you’re watching the Release Notes landing page for Jira applications, Confluence, or Bitbucket you will no longer get an email notification when that page is updated.

      To continue to get updates when new product versions are available, head to Developer Community and subscribe to the announcements category for your product. We will be posting regular updates in these categories.

      How this change affects other pages you may be watching

      We removed the ability to watch documentation and knowledge base pages several years ago. Anyone who had previously watched pages will no longer be notified when pages change. Many of these notifications were low value, and you should see a little less clutter in your inbox as a result.


      If you still want to know when pages change, an RSS feed might be useful to you. You can use Confluence's RSS feed builder at https://confluence.atlassian.com/dashboard/configurerssfeed.action

      You'll need to remove the os_auth parameter from the RSS feed URL, as you won't be logged in. Here's an example RSS feed URL for the JIRASOFTWARE space where Jira Software release notes are published. 


      Other spaces include SERVICEDESK (for Jira Service Management release notes), DOC (for all Confluence updates, including release notes), BAMBOORELEASES (for Bamboo release notes), CROWD (for all Crowd updates, including release notes), and SUPPORT (for changes to the support end of life page). You could also follow knowledge base spaces such as JIRAKB and CONFKB, if that is useful to you.

      Have questions or feedback?

      Please add your comments to this ticket. 


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