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Allow sysadmins to enforce Git hook configurations



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      Description: As a system administrator of bitbucket over many different groups in a bitbucket server instance, I would like to be able to have hooks that have a property where they can be edited and enabled only by system administrators so that we can support
      all the different groups and make sure one group doesn't impact others when a mistake is made.

      We would like this as a configuration for all hooks so that the specific ones of Max Commit Size and Force Push can be set by our system administrators and NOT be changed by a project admin. This is a proactive attempt to maintain support with the small size
      sys admin team. When Git LFS is used, if not configured correctly then large binaries will be put on the repo and the effort to clean up is large. We are open to other ways to be able to set things like max commit size and no force pushes allowed at the global
      level but this seems like one potential easy way to set it up.


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