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More flexibility when configuring required green builds on PR merge



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      Currently Bitbucket Server can be configured to require a minimum number of passing Bamboo builds before can be merged. This great, but the problem comes here:

      If there are more than the specified number of builds, all of them will have to be successful in order to merge the pull request

      In the case of our project, we have a certain number of core builds that must be green on the branch, and a selection of more speculative builds that developers are encouraged to run but which don't need to be green.

      This combination means that we can't use this feature, since if these speculative builds are run then the PR would never be mergeable.

      I would like to see the above behaviour made optional, i.e. a minimum number of green builds, but with the "all builds must be green" part made an additional option.

      For bonus points, I'd like to be able to additionally specify which specific builds must be green, to prevent devs from trying to work around it by adding additional but unimportant builds to just get the required green count.


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