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Pull Request Multiline Comments


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      Atlassian status as of November 2023

      Hi everyone,

      Thank you for taking the time to vote and comment on this suggestion. Your inputs have helped us better understand how this affects you and what you’re hoping to accomplish with Bitbucket Data Center. We are happy to share that this suggestion has been prioritised and we have committed to a target release quarter as part of our roadmap. For up to date information on timeline please visit our roadmap.

      We appreciate your patience and are excited to release this for you in the near future. You can learn more about our prioritization process here.


      Sarah Bolt

      Product Manager - Bitbucket Data Center

      Original request description

      This is a follow up to issue STASH-3314 that was closed. In that issue Jens Schumacher said that the reason why multiline comments were not added is because in Crucible it was very hard to select actual code, with what I agree, but I would like to suggest an improvement.

      Why not make it that way that when you select code, it regulary selects text as it is now in Stash, but if you would like to leave a comment on multiple lines, you click on the line numbers on the left of the code. This would make it the best of both worlds.

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