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Provide a Repository Creator permission per project



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      Atlassian status as of December 2016

      Hi everyone,

      Thanks to everyone for voting and commenting on this suggestion. Your input in the comments helps us understand how this affects you and what you're hoping to accomplish with Bitbucket Server.

      This suggestion is currently under consideration by the Bitbucket development team. We've explored possible implementations, but have yet to work out the best way to fit repository creator permissions within the current permissions model, both logically and visually. Therefore, we're not able to provide a timeline for when this suggestion will be resolved. Learn more about our process here.


      Norman Ma

      Product Manager - Bitbucket Server

      In the parent issue (STASH-2789), the user asked for a way to give global Project Creator users permission to create repositories in projects which they do not own. It was closed because it was said that this was the intended behavior.

      However, our team would still benefit from being able to create new repositories inside projects that they do not own. Could we have a Repository Creator role per project so that certain users can create repositories in a project regardless of whether they were the creator?


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