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Show push date in addition to commit date for commits


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      Atlassian Stash shows when a change was committed locally and not when it was pushed to the Stash repository (as I pointed out in support issue SSP-216).

      Imagine a developer who works and commits locally, then pushes the changes to Atlassian Stash several days or weeks later. His commit might show up at the bottom of the list of commits in Atlassian Stash, even though he pushed the changes just 5 minutes ago.

      This can create confusion for developers and QAs trying to get an idea of what has happened recently, or when looking for who to blame for a recent change.

      I therefore request that you add a column to this view: "Push Date". It should look and feel the same as "Commit Date", but it will show when the commit was pushed to Stash. It should be possible to sort on this column.

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