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Mesh: Migration of LFS objects to Mesh



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      Migrating Git repositories to Mesh before migration of LFS objects is implemented is very much possible and supported. The LFS object will continue to reside on the NFS based shared home and can be migrated later.

      Generally lack of LFS migration doesn't need to be seen as a blocker to adopting Mesh. Core Git I/O patterns often involve small and semi-random I/O, which suffers due the additional latency involved in accessing files via NFS, this isn't so true of LFS objects. Git LFS object read I/O is involves large block and sequential read patters, and generally don't suffer heavily from being hosted on NFS.

      The initial (Bitbucket 8.0) release of Mesh does not include functionality for migrating LFS objects to Mesh. Git LFS continues to be supported when Git repositories are migrated to Mesh; the LFS object will simply remain in the shared-home (i.e. the NFS when in a cluster deployment).


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