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Need Visual indication of valid bitbucket.properties file



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      Currently there are many potential issues that can be introduced to a bitbucket.properties file that do not prevent the system from starting but are not valid.

      This could be a result of typos or obsolete settings, and it could be a result of changing a setting to a value that is not expected (too large or small)

      To improve the supportability of the product it would be really good if there was available on the Administrator section a page that both validates the bitbucket.properties file and provides a visual indicator of all of the settings with an indicator if the values used are different from the default, if the setting is deprecated, or if the setting will be ignored.

      For example if you have an entry in bitbucket.properties to change the adaptive throttle to 5 time scaling concurrency there would be a page that shows:


      Setting Current Value Default Value Valid
      throttle.resource.scm-hosting.adaptive.limit.max 5 4

      If there are deprecated settings (for example plugin.bitbucket-scm-cache.refs.enabled) it might look like:


      Setting Current Value Default Value Valid
      plugin.bitbucket-scm-cache.refs.enabled true deprecated

      If there are unrecognized settings that are not comments it might look like:


      Setting Current Value Default Value Valid
      plugin.bitbucket-comment-likes.max.resorces 1000 Unknown

      The above setting is misspelled (resorces instead of resources) and would be ignored but there is currently no indication that this is the case except that the expected change would not have been performed

      Having the ability to edit these setting in the GUI would be an added bonus as we could ensure that typos and invalid settings are at least called out before the user attempted a restart

      Storing the bitbucket.properties in an internal Git repository would also be another improvement so that changes over time could be tracked by author and date, and changes could easily be backed out.




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