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View entire commit message when reviewing pull request



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      If you open a pull request then you can easily see a list of commits that will be merged by clicking the "Commits" button. This shows you the commit subject, a snippet of the rest of the commit message, and has a link to view the contents of the commit (with the commit hash as the text of the link). Clicking this link takes you to the "diff" view for that commit. However, none of these shows you the full commit message.

      The closest thing we have right now is hovering over the commit line in the "commits" view, which shows the full commit message in a little hover message. However, this is difficult to read, does not display any markdown formatting, and wraps the lines somewhere around 58 characters (at least on my machine).

      Many people, including myself, consider the commit message to be as vital a part of the pull request as the content of the pull request. However, today, if I want a nice view of the commit message, I have to click the "Commits" button on the left sidebar, choose the branch the pull request is based from, then click the commit.

      Can we either A) show the full commit message in the "diff" view of the pull request "mode" or B) add a button to the "commits" view in the pull request "mode" to navigate to the regular "commits" mode view of that commit?

      Something to this effect would be greatly appreciated.




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