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When searching for code, I would like an overview of which projects/repos had matches, and let me filter or jump, rather than scrolling through very long list



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      When searching, sometimes I’ll search “all of the code” to find who’s using some functions. I can easily get hundreds of results from dozens of repos. These all show up in a long long list I can scroll through. It’s awesome that this search is so fast! However it’s not very easy to understand all the results.

      I would love it if the search results contained an overview of which projects/repos had matches, as links that focus the search to just those repos.

      Sometimes just that list of repos is the most important information for me. Even if not, I would like to pick some of those repos and jump straight to their results. This will let me ignore results that I know aren’t relevant to my present search, e.g., personal forks, the foo project, other kinds of duplicated results, or even things like repos full of tests if that’s not what I’m looking for.

      Failing this overview, at least an option to group results by repo not just file (and collapse/hide repos I’m not interested in) would greatly improve my searching experience.




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