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Add additional information to account audit log (BB-10722)



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      The Audit log page currently doesn't log some crucial information on the shared workspaces, such as:

      1. Membership actions
      2. Clones, Pushes, and downloads along with the IP address from where it is happening.
      3. Updates inĀ  the workspaces or repositories
      4. Fork creation
      5. Content transfer.
      6. Security features enabled/disabled

      fstefanelli@atlassian.com edit - It would be great to add project information (who created a project, when it was last updated, show any project changes.

      lmontiel@atlassian.com edit - It would be also great to add information related to branch permission changes, showing who altered/created/deleted branch permissions on any given repo.
      Please add this logging to the account Audit log.

      641e77b2eb21 edit - It would be also great to add information about changes in the environment variables on the workspace/repository and deployment levels.

      For example, when an invitation to join a workspace is sent, there is no log stating when the invitation was sent nor who sent the invitation.


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