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Prevent users with direct repo admin access from inviting/removing users/groups to that repo



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      Problem Definition

      Some organizations would like to grant direct repo admin access to certain users, so these users can view the repo's Settings.
      However, they wouldn't like those users to be able to invite or remove users/groups from the repo.

      At the moment this is not possible, as users with direct repo admin access, have access to all repo's Settings pages.

      Suggested Solution

      1. Either disable admins with direct repo access only from accessing the User and group access page of the repo.

      2. Since this is a feature that many users make use of and rely on, removing it may not be an option we'd want to go with. So, perhaps we could

      • add a new level of permissions that would allow a user to get access to the repo's Settings, with the exception of User and group access page.
      • give team/account administrators the option to disable invitations/user removals for (some) users with direct repo admin access.


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