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Adding Manual Step Approval in Slack



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      Hello World,

      So my team has been developing a API and portal concurrently, and we’ve been using pipelines to build and deploy our Docker images to AWS ECS. There is an issue where sometimes there is an API change and we want to build it and prepare it for deployment but wait until the portal dev is ready, to prevent breaking changes since the admin portal isn’t up yet and the rest of us need to be able to access it. We fixed this issue by adding a manual step, so the portal dev can simply go into bitbucket, and hit the manual step after he’s ready. But we’ve found the Slack integration to be slightly lackluster.

      When a manual step finishes, it appears as a full pipeline in Slack, so if you have two steps with a manual button between them, you get a message for when the pipeline starts, than you get a pipeline completed success or fail for the first step, than a success or fail for the second. This makes just peeking at a slack message on my phone kinda ineffective, because I don’t know if that success was the first step, or the second step. It would be nice to get a slack message that says a step has completed, than when the full pipeline is done, you get the normal success or failure message. To add to this, the reason for making this post, it would also be nice to be able to hit a button on the message between manual steps to approve and start the next step, similarly to re-running a failed pipeline now. This allows us to do a full deployment, without having to go into bitbucket, go to the repo, then deployments, than the deployment, than hitting the button. We could just go into slack and hit next.

      Thanks for consideration,

      Samuel IoTPanic




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