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Make it easier to remove files when hitting 2gb limit



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      If your purpose is to annoy people into buying, it's not working. I might be annoyed into using some other product though. When i hit the 2gb limit on my repos, there seems to be no way to remove files to shrink it down. It won't let me directly remove them from the repository, nor make a commit which removes them. Then when i went to the suggested page which says how to shrink it up, it was an overwhelming amount of BS so I said screw that and just deleted and re-added my repository. This a takes a while, and took a while to come to this conclusion, so i wasted what could be been a productive evening dealing with this BS.

      The only reason I can think of why you would make it so difficult is you want to pressure free users into buying. Well, you have almost pressured me into leaving. You should rethink this strategy if that was your strategy, as one voiced complaint represent X amount of unvoiced complaints. You are not painting the image of a product I would want to buy. The restriction itself is fine, but causing my repository to grind to a halt with little I can do to correct except to follow the bizarre and unwieldly instructions you set forth, is unacceptable to me.

      My suggestion, just allow commits which remove files, or allow removing files directly from the repository web site to clean it up.


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