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Improve Create Confluence Page action in A4J - include attachments and labels when creating page


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      Issue Summary

      This is reproducible on Data Center: N/A

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Step 1: In confluence create a template with wide width set and an attachment
      2. Step 2: Create a Jira Automation to create a Confluence Page and select your template created in step 1.
      3. Step 3. Trigger the automation

      Expected Results

      The new Confluence page created contains all the content from the template as if it were created manually.

      Actual Results

      Any Attachments will show a "Preview Unavailable" error as the attachments on the template are not copied to the new page.

      The Page width setting in the template is not respected.


      If you have Confluence premium, it is possible to have the Jira Automation trigger another automation in Confluence which can create the page and archive the triggering page. Or have the Jira Automation fire a web request that the Confluence automation can then capture via webook in order to create the page from the template.

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